Sunday, October 7, 2007

The political climate in Schodack, NY

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Here's the latest!
I'm glad to see the blog is getting warmed up again!
We have an election coming up in the fall and residents need to be informed on critical issues that affect us. So if anyone has information about town issues and how our new town supervisor is doing,please feel free to enlighten us!

To get detailed information on Schodack financials check out the 2 links below;

Note to all Schodack residents:

We know everyone is busy but if at all possible, PLEASE attend Town Board & Planning Board Meetings. What can really make a difference is a good turnout at these meetings because it will show that residents are concerned and watching so let's pack the town hall!

If they only see a few people at a meeting, it sends the message that we don't care and they will continue to disregard us!

We remain committed to continue our fight for fair elections & responsive leadership in Schodack. With your continuing support we can do it!

The Schodack Republican Party has chosen NOT to run Secor as their candidate for supervisor. This is a direct result of her very close election against a write-in candidate and shows what motivated voters can do, we will have a fair & open election this year because of you!

So feel free to post your thoughts & opinions here and let your voice be heard!

Note; While we encourage you to post your comments, we reserve the right to delete posts that contain vulgarity, offensive comments or personal attacks.

The Voice of Schodack blog was created to give all Schodack residents the ability to voice their concerns about issues that affect them. Our website at will be updated in the next few months for the upcoming election which should be very interesting!